Interesting places

Meco Beach

Never-ending sandy beach, stretched along the Atlantic coast with restaurants, bars and cafés. Enjoy the magnificent sunset and with a bit of luck you could take a look at one of the oldest Portuguese fishing traditions - arte da Xávega. If you are a naturist you will be able to enjoy the part of the beach set aside for nudists. Private car-parks.

Aldeia do Meco

A small village that still keeps its traditional rural architecture, with painted white houses surrounded by gardens. Taste the local food, especially the fresh fish and sea-food, in one of the many restaurants. You can also enjoy the nightlife of the village and join the cheerful crowd in the pubs and clubs.

Cabo Espichel

Rocky cape with no vegetation or shade, where the Our Cape Lady Sanctuary stands out as a surreal vision from the 18th century. Don´t miss the recently restored frescos on the church ceiling, the Memory Chapel and the tiny chapel near the cape edge - 15th century - used by fishermen for praying You could also watch the dinosaur foot prints on the Lagosteiros beach near the cape. Water House - 18th century, on the sanctuary border, don´t miss the marble water spring.


At 10 km (6,22 miles) from Casas das Amoreiras you must visit this typical fishermen´s village with its quiet waters and white sand beach, harbour, castle, fort and churches. Sport lovers have here the chance to do some scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, amongst other things. At the end of a hot summer day go for a walk by the shore, feel the fresh breeze and try the sardines and swordfish

Lagoa de Albufeira

Beach and well known sanctuary for sport lovers You could attend some surf lessons in the local surf school.